Premier League 2013 / 2014 Preview

Premier League 2013 / 2014 Preview


When this upcoming Premier League season finishes people all around the world will be preparing for the greatest spectacle on earth – the FIFA World Cup.  And when its world cup year you can guarantee that club players will be doing all they can to get noticed by their nations manager.

That’s one of the reasons we think this season could be one of the all time classic premiership seasons!

The Premier League is known for its abundance of foreign players and will no doubt have a large representation in Brazil and their international selection will depend on club form. Players will have to shine at every opportunity for their club. When you watch the televised Premier League games this season you’re going to notice players performing more skills and tricks because they want to stand out from the rest on the pitch- especially when there’s a large worldwide TV audience.

Premiership Football Live on TV

(This isn’t what we mean when we say players want to stand out in the televised matches)

Most of the entertainment comes on the pitch but this season we’re more interested to see what’s happening off it! The two Manchester clubs have changed their managers, David Moyes is taking over at the current champions United, and Manuel Pellegrini has been hired at City. As both clubs start this campaign with new managers it will be interesting to see which manager lasts the longest, and who’s the most successful.

Man City and Pellegrini have already signalled their intentions on regaining the Premiership by making some big-name signings, as well as selling on some of the more troublesome team members (cough cough Ballotelli and Tevez coughs).

The two Manchester clubs will now have to contend with Jose Mourinho whose back for a second spell in charge of Chelsea, the race for the Premier League has never seemed so open. Even more so when you consider the rumours that Arsene Wenger and Arsenal have paid off their stadium debt and are now back in the transfer market with money to spend. Wenger is now the longest serving manager in England; will his experience and extra funds give Arsenal the edge and a title challenge?

Arsenal Manager Wenger in Hard Hat

It would be foolish to discount Tottenham amongst the genuine title challengers, Bale alone nearly won spurs the league last year! Villas Boas did well in his first season at White Hart Lane and would love to get one over on his friend Jose Mourinho.

Brendan Rodgers is another schooled by Mourinho, and Rodgers will need to use everything he’s learnt to control Luis Suarez and ensure the Uruguayan makes headlines for the right reasons. Suarez linked up well with Daniel Sturridge in the short time they had together (Sturridge joining in January and Suarez banned for 10 games after biting an opponent). With these two on the frontline, Liverpool could be candidates for a title challenge.

So, much to look forward to with new arrivals on and off the pitch, this season promises even more excitement, controversy and squeaky bum moments than ever! Show every game live at your venue with an IPTV Football Installation.

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